Why Builda Price

Why use Builda Price?

Builda Price is a system you can trust. Designed from the ground up specifically for builders by a Kiwi duo with a combined 60 years experience in the NZ construction industry. With this comes a passion to help the building industry remain profitable and sustainable.


Builda Price Pricing allows you to import the materials estimate supplied by your merchant.

The software then provides an easy and efficient way to adjust the quantities as you see fit.

At the same time, Builda Price Pricing automatically calculates the labour in terms of both manhours and dollars and cents. The software instantly and accurately calculates your labour cost – traditionally the most high-risk area of pricing. For peace of mind the labour for each worksection can be instantly compared to your own labour estimate, thus incorporating your knowledge of each individual project.

An intuitive workflow streamlines the pricing process and ensures nothing is accidentally left out. Fully customizable Miscellaneous Templates are included to enable you to price construction not contained on your merchant quote, while a comprehensive suite of Overheads Templates ensures you’ll never under-price your P&G again.

Within an hour or two an entire job can be accurately costed from start to finish. With Builda Price on your side you can price jobs with confidence, knowing exactly where your break-even point lies.

Job Tracking

Keep on top of your build with the Builda Price Job Tracking. Import jobs directly from the pricing program and compare estimated budgets with actual costs as they arise in real time. Back-costing will help you maintain profitability and creates an accurate record of costs for use when pricing future jobs.

Simple, user-friendly interface is easy to learn. Manually enter any projects currently underway, or else import new projects directly from Builda Price Pricing.

Compatible with most major NZ materials suppliers, or else import invoices directly from Xero. Supplier and Subcontractor invoices can be imported and assigned to the appropriate job and work section, thereby maintaining the utmost simplicity and transparency when compared to estimated costs versus actual.

Just minutes a day allows you to track the financial progress of a project in real time. Discover which worksections are profitable and which could benefit from a future adjustment. Provides you with all the data you need to ensure that you are pricing for profit.


This simple yet powerful tool allows builders to track their progress against estimated man hours and expenditures on each job. Builders can quickly log hours on the go using the app that instantly feeds back into the Builda Price Backcoster. Quickly and easily switch between different jobs and worksections within those jobs. Record notes against each task or against the day overall.

Enables you to stay in control of your project as the app data tracks expected cost and job progress against actuals in real time.

A clear and simple user interface allows foremen to sign off on timesheets in mere moments. All the hours logged by your workers appears in one clear payroll report.

Update jobs on the fly. Add a variation to the job and it instantly appears on your workers’ timesheet app, enabling you to accurately record manhours and material costs against it.

$199.00 NZD / MONTH

One price. All the features of Builda Price. Unlimited users & unlimited jobs.
*Prices excluding GST


Builda Price integrates with all major Merchants, Xero, and Crystal Payroll - and we're building more everyday.

Great Support

Our NZ based support team is ready to make sure you're comfortable using our software - at no extra cost. We're only a phone call or email away.

What do Kiwi builders have to say about Builda Price?

"Builda Price has made a massive difference. I can price jobs in a quarter of the time that it used to take me. The client can see the full rundown of how I arrived at the price for the job. It gives them a good idea of where the costs are going to come from and allows me to justify the aspects of the job which will most benefit the customer."​
Sam Edridge
Edridge Construction
"If there was one thing that I would say to another builder then I would tell them that I’ve tried a lot of other software, but that nothing fills my requirements as much as Builda Price. The whole product is completely different to a lot of other software solutions. Builda Price is a simple program that works for builders not against them."
Chris Harvey
Harvey Construction
"I would highly recommend Builda Price to anyone who would like to reduce the time spent quoting jobs and more so, reduce the risk of under quoting labour especially when pricing alterations."
Scott Crook
Construction One
"Builda Price is a really good resource.

If you use it properly it will save you a lot of time and stress in your business."
JMT Projects Ltd