Job Tracking

Track Jobs Easier
with Builda Price

Keep on top of your build and know where you’re making money or losing money, with the Builda Price Job Tracking Tool.

So how does it work?

With the Job Tracking tool you can import jobs directly from the pricing program and compare estimated budgets with actual costs as they arise in real time.

Back-costing will help you maintain profitability and creates an accurate record of costs for use when pricing future jobs.

We don’t like to make your life difficult, so we designed it on a simple, user-friendly interface that is easy to learn.

Manually enter any projects currently underway, or else import new projects directly from Builda Price Pricing.

It is compatible with most major NZ materials suppliers, or else import invoices directly from Xero. Supplier and Subcontractor invoices can be imported and assigned to the appropriate job and work section, thereby maintaining the utmost simplicity and transparency when compared to estimated costs versus actual.

Just minutes a day allows you to track the financial progress of a project in real time.

Most importantly – it provides you with all the data you need to ensure that you are pricing for profit.