Pricing made easy

Pricing made easy
with Builda Price

With Builda Price on your side you can price jobs with confidence, helping you ensure you make a profit every time! ​

How does Builda Price help you price new jobs more accurately?

Builda Price Pricing allows you to import the materials estimate supplied by your merchant. The software instantly and accurately calculates your labour cost – traditionally the most high-risk area of pricing.

For peace of mind the labour for each work section can be instantly compared to your own labour estimate, incorporating your knowledge of each individual project.  An intuitive workflow streamlines the pricing process and ensures nothing is accidentally left out.

Fully customizable Miscellaneous Templates are included to enable you to price construction not contained on your merchant quote. A comprehensive suite of Overheads Templates ensures you’ll never under price your P&G again.

Within an hour or two an entire job can be accurately costed from start to finish.