Time Sheeting App

Time Sheeting Made Simple
With Builda Price

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With Builda Price on your side it’s never been easy to keep track of your team & where their hours are being spent. You will be able to keep track in real time how you’re tracking on estimated labour hours versus the real time being put in.

How does the Time Sheeting App work?

Your team on site can quickly log hours on the go using the app that instantly feeds back into the Builda Price Backcoster.

At the end of each day your team will quickly and easily be able to switch between different jobs and work sections within each job. i.e. If they work 7am-10am on one site – then leave to another site – they can log it right there in the app!

Not only that – they can record notes against each task, or against the day overall.

It’s never been easier to stay in control of your projects as the app data tracks expected cost and job progress against actuals in real time.

It is a clear and simple user interface which allows foreman to sign off on timesheets in mere moments.

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