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Builda Price is a cloud-based software solution built to help builders quickly and accurately price and track all types of projects ranging from small renovations to entire new home builds

What is
Builda Price?

Builda Price is the only pricing program that links directly with your materials supplier allowing you to import an entire Schedule of Quantities at the touch of a button. The software converts the schedule into man hours enabling you to accurately price your labour. Builda Price then allows you incorporate miscellaneous costs, subcontractors and overheads so that a full and accurate quote is produced.

Once a quote is accepted, your new job can be brought into the Job Tracker for comprehensive cost tracking. Here you can track your true materials, labour and subcontractor costs while the job progresses – comparing to your original budget in real time and helping you to achieve a profit.

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  • Price construction projects quickly and accurately
  • Practical and easy to learn
  • Easily calculate your man-hours, labour, materials, subcontractors, miscellaneous items, and sums
  • Suitable for projects of all sizes

Job Tracking

  • Track the financial progress of your jobs in real time
  • Compares that progress against how the job was priced
  • Import and allocate your invoices without lots of tedious data entry
  • Ensures all man-hours, materials, and subcontractors costs are accounted for
  • Integrates with accounting software such as Xero


  • Capture worker hours on site
  • No more messy paper timesheets
  • Receive comprehensive man-hours reports on your phone
  • Simple to use for all kinds of workers – minimal training needed

One Price


All the features. Unlimited users & unlimited jobs.
*Prices excluding GST

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Builda Price has made a massive difference. I can price jobs in a quarter of the time that it used to take me…
Sam Edridge
Edridge Construction
Builda Price has made a huge difference in my business. I have been using the software for a long time and my job has become so much easier because of it…
Chris Harvey
Harvey Construction
I would highly recommend Builda Price to anyone who would like to reduce the time spent quoting jobs…
Scott Crook
Construction One