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Builda Price is a cloud-based software solution to help builders quickly and accurately price and track all types of projects ranging from small renovations to entire new home builds

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Project tracking

Keep a keen watch on your spending and quotes, so you don't blow your budget. Plus, you'll score some sweet insights on where your future finances are heading, track costs from start to finish, and jazz up those reports by giving them your own personal touch and exporting them hassle-free.
Keep an eye on your spending and quotes
Get insights on future finances
Track costs from start to finish
Personalise and export reports


Make your quoting process a breeze by automating quotes straight from your suppliers' takeoff, adding in your own custom details, and smoothly bringing together all the costs to give you accurate and complete project estimates. No sweat, just easy and precise quoting.
Quotes made easy with automatic generation from suppliers’ takeoff
Create custom takeoffs to fit your needs
Include materials, subcontractors, miscellaneous expenses, and overheads in your quotes


Easily keep track of worker hours for your projects and tasks, making sure those labour costs are spot on. Generate payroll reports that are a breeze to read and, of course, charge for those hard-earned hours like a pro.
Effortlessly keep tabs on worker hours for projects and tasks
Ensure accurate tracking of labour costs
Generate easy-to-read payroll reports
Charge for the hours worked


Make sure those invoices are sorted and assigned to the right sections of your projects, so you're not left scratching your head about where the money went. Keep a close eye on costs, tracking them against your budget and quote in real-time, and let IPS work its magic by automatically importing and processing those pesky paper invoices, saving you time and hassle.
Allocate invoices to sections of your projects
Track costs against your budget and quote in real-time
Automatically import and process paper invoices with IPS

Health & Safety

As a PCBU, it is your responsibility under your government Health & Safety regulations to manage Health and Safety on all your work sites. Attention Safety makes it easy to set up your sites through your Builda Price portal and manage day-to-day H&S requirements, including Task Analysis (SWMS), Site Observations, Incident Reports and so much more from your mobile, using the Attention Safety App.
Meet health and safety requirements
Report incidents
Be aware of hazards and responsibilities
Manage H&S all in one place
Builda Price Health & Safety is powered by Attention Safety


Get your project planning on point with a visual Gantt chart that lets you see the big picture. Share schedules with your clients and subcontractors, ensuring everyone's in the loop, and if you prefer a printed copy, just export those schedules for easy access.
Plan projects visually with a Gantt chart
Share schedules with clients and subcontractors
Export schedules for convenience

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